How much does the StabilisOne license cost?

There is no license fee for using the integrated IT platform StabilisOne, because it is an Open Source ERP system supported by the global community of iDempiere Business Suite, which means that you do not have to pay anything to download, install or modify software. You pay only for consultations and implementation work, that is, specialists’ services, where the cost of rent is similar everywhere.

How many users can use the platform and how much will it cost?

There is no user limit. You can add as many users as you need. However, it should be remembered that the server’s technical parameters limit the performance of each system. We are happy to help you choose equipment for the server room (on-premise), or we will provide our instances in the SaaS model with the right performance. We will not request annual license fees for each system user.

What support does StabilisOne provide?

In addition to the paid consultation related to the valuation process, StabilisOne will help you optimize the business process and create a project based on your unique needs. In addition, you can register and communicate any problems during use in the system for registration and monitoring of patches made available to you.

Will StabilisOne satisfy your unique business needs?

That is why our company was created. We operate in Poland to help you customize and implement an integrated IT platform that is open to global application and locally flexible. iDempiere Business Suite was created for non-standard enterprises that have highly developed and exceptionally individual needs, and plan future international expansion.

Can you add some modules in the future?

Yes of course. Every year, modules are created around the world that provide users with various functionalities and take into account the next stages of progress in the IT industry. All plugins meet OSGi requirements, so they can be activated or deactivated without worrying about the stability of the entire ERP. Our assistance in selection and configuration will give you the flexibility to modify, subtract and add new modules to your system whenever you need it.

How fast is it possible to use StabilisOne?

Typically, the schedule for planning, development, testing and commissioning is 3-4 months. However, it may take longer to configure a complex business process and its process flows. Fast work synchronization of even international project teams is not a problem today.