Partner in growth

We design and implement integrated “tailor-made” IT platforms that faithfully reproduce the activities of our clients and are meticulously optimized in terms of work ergonomics and operation logic.

After implementation, we maintain and adapt the existing ERP to the needs of the enterprise as it develops or changes in the organization. We are open to long-term partnership, expansion of the platform and its joint improvement. We create additional elements as independent plugins, which means that there is no need to modify the source code and stop the work of the entire StabilisOne platform.

The global community of Open Source developers, who have been developing various functionalities for the iDempiere Business Suite – the leader of SourceForge and InfoWorld rankings, supports us in tailoring appropriate solutions for the client. Partners from around the world provide translated and localized solutions for iDempiere in 27 languages.

Our asset is also cooperation and great relationships with scientists from Warsaw University of Technology and PIAP, who among others developed an algorithm for optimization of continuous and long series production processes.

Andrzej Więcławski