Maintenance support

Selected functionalities
  • Ongoing monitoring of work parameters of production means and starting defined emergency procedures
  • Warehouse management of spare parts and accessories for the needs of the Maintenance Service (SUR)
  • Management of renovation groups with equipment reservation
  • Timeliness of inspections and maintenance and synchronization with the production plan
  • Coordination of deliveries thanks to integration with the purchasing department
  • Management of technical and standardization documentation


  • Becoming independent of specialists with “exclusivity for knowledge”
  • Facilitating the accessibility of machines and devices
  • Faster implementation in the field of SUR work methodology and organizational solutions
  • Reliable visualization and reporting of SUR work and costs
  • Easy introduction of monitoring of quality objectives
  • Simplicity in the analysis and settlement of processes in SUR
  • Increased work efficiency, and thus reduction of SUR costs
  • Reduction of hidden costs (overheads) in the enterprise
  • Optimization of the cost of materials and spare parts in SUR (economies of scale)
  • Transparency of costs incurred