Sales management

Selected functionalities
  • Contracts and sales orders management
  • Handling of bulk sales orders
  • Product reservations
  • Sales prices
  • Discount processors
  • Replacement products (substitutes)
  • Translations of product names
  • Automatic and periodic invoicing
  • Sales costs

Marketing and relationship management

  • Campaign and project management
  • Classification and parameterization of contractors
  • Contractor and contact management
  • Contractor analysis and reporting
  • Access to selected financial information of the contractor
  • Debt collection tools
  • Analysis of campaign and project results


  • Shorter delivery times
  • Higher level of customer service
  • Improving the accuracy of orders and increasing the number of deliveries on time
  • Improving the accuracy of sales forecasts
  • A more effective pricing policy
  • Improving delivery performance according to specific customer expectations
  • Improved sales department results
  • Better and faster matching of products to customer requirements