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We provide software consultancy services in the Open Source specialization as well as strategic and operational consulting, offering in this area:

– creating business models
– process management
– optimizations

We also integrate an IT tool that uses an innovative algorithm to optimize continuous and long-run production processes, taking into account the date of completion and profit from production.

During optimization, ADOPP analyzes:

  • Existing orders, analyzes the quantity and delivery date of the promised products
  • current production, analyzes the expected time of completion of works on a given production line
  • production map – a set of data defining the time costs of the product’s execution on a given line, as well as the changeover of the line
  • profit loss from overproduction of specific products
  • the status of the production line

A modified immunogenetic algorithm adapted to a specific production process is used to schedule production.

The degree of matching determined by means of 2 parameters – execution of all orders on time (True / False), profit from production (more = better).

As a result of the process, we get a production schedule – the order of work on each of the production lines, but it is possible to observe the progress of work and determine delays.

The algorithm developed by the Warsaw University of Technology may include more than 50 factors relevant to the calculation of the effectiveness of your production plan.

You can find more details about the methodology used in our projects HERE (click)