Implementation statistics (2018)

Methods of use and location of systems

  • ERP w chmurze
  • SaaS
  • Na miejscu

In 2018, a significant increase has been noted in the number of respondents who chose ERP in the Software as a Service model. The jump by as much as 37 percentage points regarding the implementation of ERP in the cloud / SaaS model was recorded for the first time in this type of reports.

The proportion of code editing at implementation

  • 100%
  • >50% kodu
  • 26-50% kodu
  • 11-25% kodu
  • 1-10% kodu
  • brak

Comparing the averages from 2017, an increase of 11% is noticeable. The average level of adjustment in 2017 was 16%; against 27% of individual ERP compilation in 2018.

Evaluation of the of ERP implementation effects

  • Sukces
  • Brak zdania
  • Porażka

42% of respondents in 2018 recognize the implementation of their ERP as successful. This is a decrease of 82% compared to the percentage of respondents who recognized that their projects were successful in 2017.

Actual costs relative to estimates

  • >100%
  • =<100%

A significant number of respondents (64%) exceeded in 2018 their budgets during ERP implementation. This is an improvement compared to 74% of respondents who exceeded the budget in 2017. In 2018, respondents were also relatively more satisfied with the implementation costs.

Extending the duration of implementation

  • =<0%
  • >0%

In 2018, 79% of respondents reported that their projects exceeded the initial time frame. In 2017, only 59% registered the extension of the planned duration of the project. Persons who reported exceeding the schedule justified it by the organizational problems, unrealistic time frames and extended scope of the project.

Benefits of users after ERP implementation

  • 81-100%
  • 51-80%
  • 31-50%
  • 0-30%

In 2018 there were no respondents who claimed that they have not developed any method for measuring the business effects of ERP implementation. The majority of respondents achieved between 51% and 80% of the expected business benefits after the ERP implementation.