ERP – inquiry

    We design and implement an integrated IT platform under the brand name StabilisOne. It can handle most of the activity of a production company or group of enterprises. It is a scalable and stable application in a global corporate class that is ready for integration on an international scale.

    You can get a tailored to your business and affordable functional tool in the areas of ERP + MRPII + SCM + CMMS with low maintenance costs. Ultimately, we want to implement such platforms in a form ideally suited to the client. If necessary, our IT specialists expand the product with specially designed plugins, i.e. “Plug-in”.

    Example plug-ins:

    • Polish accounting has been developed as an independent plugin (no need to modify the source code)
    • The production functionality compatible with MRP II is also a plugin for the system
    • The system’s browser interface is also a plug-in, which allows you to change the interface for each client individually.

    During implementation, we also offer transfer of all data from the previous solution, even if it was recorded analog.

    You can find more details about the methodology used in our projects HERE (click)