“Although there were no major updates to the iDempiere Business Suite this year, it remains our top choice for open source ERP. iDempiere is especially well-suited for larger manufacturing and distribution companies.”

James R. Borck

iDempiere Business Suite ERP/CRM/SCM

Advantages and competitiveness

Multifaceted integration
  • Proactively focus on what’s important. Eliminate barriers and redundancy. Integrate all critical business functions.
  • Manage your business comprehensively to the full extent by planning production based on the availability of production and human resources, taking into account their limitations, based on current inventory levels, planned future deliveries, contracts and orders as well as future sales plans.
  • Optimize the work of the warehouse by defining the flow of goods adapted to any infrastructure, enter the order and order in a warehouse, implement fully adjusted quality control.
  • Expand planning and procurement departments by effectively planning the entire supply chain, automatically generate purchase recommendations and production orders.
  • Minimize the effects of downtime, increase the efficiency of TPM services, include TPM in the implementation of production plans
  • The use of the MRPII standard gives permanent control over the course of the production process and the associated presentation on a current basis of its advancement in the production of ordered products.
  • StabilisOne enables immediate reaction to changes in the characteristics and quantity of manufactured goods, estimation of the desired level of inventory, calculation of the load level of the used production equipment, shaping production costs
  • Lowering production costs through effective use of resources, shortening the production process time, reliable and up-to-date reporting
  • Acceleration of reporting adapted to different specialist profiles, for the needs of current adjustments of production simulations and more effective planning or verification of schedules
  • Improving the availability of machines and devices, greater work efficiency and reduction of hidden costs in the enterprise.
Exceptional profitability
  • Do not pay license fees
  • Avoid the cost of renewing the license
  • Forget about the fees for each user
  • Do not be afraid of the cost of personalization
  • It’s easy to integrate the platform with other tools
  • Anticipate a quick implementation
  • Expect up to 80% savings in total cost of living
  • Do not worry about free tools with additional functionalities
  • Pay only for a diligent work

Areas of application

Global support, local implementations

iDempiere Community

Model Driven Architecture® (MDA®)

The StabilisOne system was designed using MDA technology.

The Model Driven Architecture technology is based on the use of 3 stages of creating software:

  • CIM – Computation Independent Model is a business analysis that aims to determine what future users will do,
  • PIM – Platform Independent Model, it is about creating a system logic model regardless of its coding technology,
  • PSM – Platform Spec Model, that is, the implementation of the project with programming techniques and the implementation of appropriate technical infrastructure.

This technology is developed by OMG (Object Management Group), – a consortium, which includes IBM, Apple Computer and Sun Microsystems. The aim of the consortium is to establish and update cross-platform standards, distributed object-oriented programming.

the Open Services Gateway initiative

OSGi technology is a strictly defined system of rules for creating blocks of JAVA code and the discipline of their cooperation within a single “data bus”. OSGi was established and supported by the most-important participants of the IT services market, such as: IBM, Apple, ORACLE Microsoft, etc.

Consistent implementation of Open Services Gateway initiative standards is the main difference between the integrated StabilisOne platform and the so-called “Applications from the box”. iDempiere, and thus also StabilisOne, has been using OSGi in its architecture from the very beginning, relying on components fully compliant with its principles.

To sum up – StabilisOne, thanks to compliance with OSGi standards, allows unlimited expansion of functionality using plugins without the risk of conflicts within the application.

Operating systems with which the StabilisOne platform works (only 64bit):

  1. Linux – Any distribution
  2. Windows – All server versions
  3. MacOSX
  4. Unix

Servlet / HTTP Server container the StabilisOne platform works with:

  1. Jetty

Client software, the StabilisOne platform works with:

  1. Chronium/Chrome version 65 or newer
  2. FireFox version 55 or newer
  3. IE lub Edge (not recommended)
  4. Any browser based on HTML rendering engine compatible with Gecko, WebKit, KHTML

Databases, the StabilisOne platform cooperates with:

  1. PostgreSQL 9.5.x i 9.6.x
  2. Oracle 11g i 12c

The StabilisOne platform can also perform reporting via external reporting and BI systems:

  1. Jasper Software
  2. Pentaho
  3. Saiku
  4. iReport

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Scope of services


IT & Business consulting

software consulting in the Open Source specialization

strategic and operational consulting

creating business models

process management



Implementation and maintenance

Audit, needs analysis, valuation and signing of the contract; configuration design, scheduling; implementation and tests

Training, production launching, consultations and maintenance


Cloud ERP

Instances of the StabilisOne platform made available in the Software as a Service model

Subscription, unlicensed IT outsourcing carried out in the Internet space


Fixed Ads

Permanent reception of advertising and information packages displayed in the GUI

Favorable discounts for choosing this option when implementing the SatbilisOne platform made available by SaaS model

We believe that good cooperation
creates stronger relations
than the ties of license agreements- CEO Tomasz Pawlowski


  • Full of standard features that you will never use
  • Complicated in configuration according to the user’s needs
  • Time-consuming for implementation in enterprises with an unusual organization


  • They enforce modifying company’s procedures in order to adapt to the operation of the software
  • Difficult to change after implementation
  • Many local platforms can not be globally scalable


  • Expensive licenses, IT infrastructure, maintenance and updates
  • Proprietary and blocked from interference
    – Users do not control their own tools
  • Licensed ERP systems may turn out to be unprofitable

Global statistics of implementations:


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We would like to encourage cooperation in the field of IT systems analysis or development of plugins in OSGi technology for the globally recognized integrated IT platform Open Source ERP. We are counting on JAVA enthusiasts from Puławy and surrounding areas… or world-class experts in developing the functionalities of iDempiere