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More and more customers in Poland decide to buy matrices from the OceanStor family and they are not only financial institutions or large corporations. The reference list of users includes University of Opole and StabilisOne – supplier of ERP platform in the cloud model.

A very good example of successful implementation is Es Teler 77, one of the largest fast food franchisors in Indonesia. Currently, 196 restaurants cooperate with him on the local market and abroad, of which 70% of sales outlets are entities that have signed franchise agreements.

In addition to the restaurant chain, the investor manages the extensive infrastructure necessary for the proper functioning of the entire enterprise. In total, 3 food factories and 10 distribution warehouses belong to Es Teler 77 in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

Tomasz Pawłowski, CEO of StabilisOne, talks about open software at work for Es Teler 77.

StabilisOne CTO Leszek Bober said.

“Our clients are mainly manufacturing companies that base their competitive advantage on flexible response to changes, which entails frequent simulations along with production, internal and external distribution, and procurement resource planning. For this purpose, it is necessary to be able to process a large amount of data in a very short time.”

„Currently, if we exchange business documents – including orders and their settlements – we usually use expensive and inaccessible for most companies EDI platforms. Our technology will achieve the same benefits, but at much lower costs. You will not need to have access to the authentication platform. All the elements we work on are open source solutions. ”

– says CTO StabilisOne.