Production management

Selected functionalities
  • Creation of structures reflecting the actual organization, installations and production facilities in the company with the given details
  • Order picking (ATO) and warehouse picking (ATS)
  • Production Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Order picking (ATO) and warehouse picking (ATS)
  • Production resource management
  • Managing production orders
  • Management of production and waste shortages
  • Complex management of own and foreign production (outsourcing)
  • Full production support for customer orders
  • Contract production service (forecast)
  • Automatic replenishment of the warehouse (replenishment, min-max)
  • Management of sockets and production nodes
  • Production scheduling (MPS, MRP, conversion)
  • Capacity planning (CRP)
  • Multilevel production orders
  • Support for lot numbers and serial numbers


  • The use of the MRPII standard will enable permanent control of the production process and the resulting presentation of its advancement in the production of ordered products on an ongoing basis, immediate response to changes in the characteristics and quantities of manufactured goods, determination of the desired inventory, determination of the load of used production equipment, production cost formation
  • Lowering production costs through effective use of resources, shortening the production process time, reliable and up-to-date reporting
  • Acceleration of reporting adapted to different specialist profiles, for the needs of current adjustments of production simulations and more effective planning and verification of schedules