Supplies management

Selected functionalities
  • Support for logistic rules related to maintaining stock levels (minimum and maximum levels)
  • Support for rules for topping up inventory
  • Ability to implement cross-docking, ie order picking, direct reloading, interdocking
  • Acceptance and release of products
  • Preview for real and planned inventory
  • Support for automatic data capture (ADC) used in supply chains
  • Support for the VMI process (Vendor Managed Inventory)
  • Batch monitoring of products and serial numbers

Warehouse management

  • Support for many warehouses
  • Standard warehouse tasks WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  • Product location support (shelf / shelf / container)
  • Support for automatic replenishment of inventory from the source warehouse


  • Inventory level optimization
  • Low distribution costs for deliveries
  • Increased punctuality of deliveries
  • Shorter stock picking time
  • Better use of storage space
  • Avoiding losses due to delays
  • More efficient waste management and avoiding administrative penalties