Human resource Management

Selected functionalities

Human Resources

  • Records of employee data
  • Records of contracts
  • Records of absence and working time
  • Employment history
  • HR statistics
  • Recording of working time
  • Reporting by the Central Statistical Office, Social Insurance Institution


  • Handling of current payrolls
  • Prints of payrolls and payrolls
  • Wage files
  • Printing employment and earnings certificates
  • Integration with the "PÅ‚atnik" program
  • Tax declarations, e-PITs
  • Transfers
  • Employee loan fund and housing loans
  • Social Fund
  • Work cards
  • Wage costs
  • Wage budgeting

Employee portal

  • Basic personal data
  • Information on the family
  • Information on previous trainings
  • Information on vocational courses
  • Information about completed schools
  • Information on periodic tests
  • Information on the employee’s qualifications and qualifications
  • Agreements concluded with the employer
  • Concluded civil law agreements with the employer
  • Information on absences registered in the ERP system
  • Employee leave conditions
  • Service of leave requests
  • You can download the pay bar
  • The functionality of the employee’s shared documents
  • Support for a holiday application
  • Approval and automatic introduction to the payroll module leave requests


  • Increased efficiency of HR department work thanks to the automation of personnel processes
  • Easily accessible and current work efficiency reports
  • Managers with full access to current data about their subordinates can quickly and effectively make personnel decisions
  • Introducing direct access by all employees to their HR data
  • Employees due to clearly defined assessment criteria can be motivated to work properly
  • Each employee can co-create a training plan and set the path of professional development