SaaS – inquiry

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ERP after implementation can be made available in the Software as a Service model. To use the StabilisOne instance set on our server, only internet access and a device that supports the http browser are required.

You can avoid building an expensive infrastructure, and the security of your data is guaranteed by the FireWall hardware and appropriate access procedures.

A good example of the implementation of this type of service is our business partner – StartOn ERP Accounting (, which offers full account bookkeeping using the StabilisOne platform in the SaaS version, configured for commercial and service companies.

An interesting discussion of the issue of the meaning of ERP sharing in the SaaS model was published, among others Community Leader iDempiere – Chuck Boecking: SaaS ERP is Expensive – Is it Worth It? (click)

Please also read the well-known and repeatedly mentioned in the publications the advantages of using the ERP platform in the SaaS model (click).

You can find more details about the methodology used in our projects HERE (click)